The bibliography is an Excel file (2.39 MB) that can be saved to a disk or directly to your computer for local use. Download the Database. Unlike the other bibliographies at this site, the works listed in this bibliography cover the entire span of American science, from the Colonial period to the present (to the early 21st century). It is a compilation and integration of the works listed in the new books section of History of Science in America: News and Views (the newsletter of the Forum for the History of Science in America), during the period 1980-2007.
  • Currently there are about 7,100 citations in the database (citations for the nineteenth-century are at this site as a web document, as well as in the Downloadable database)..
  • A subject heading has been assigned to each citation and some citations have a subheading.
    These subheadings are not subjects in the usual sense, but are used to indicate the publication’s format, focus, or approach.
    In addition, each subject is assigned to a larger category in order to bring related subjects together.
  • In its present form, the database is sorted by Subject–>Subheading–>Citation
  • The lists of subject terms are separately available on the: Subject Lists page.
  • Following Excel sort protocols, subjects with subheadings are filed before those on the same subject that lack subheadings
Following are several sample records from the bibliography illustrating the structure and content. In the bibliography entries, DAI = Dissertation Abstracts International.

1996 ORGANIZATIONAL AND INSTITUTIONAL ASPECTS AND EVENTS Academic institutions Institutional Fishman, Elliot A. "MIT Patent Policy, 1932-1946: Historical Precedents in University-Industrial Technology Transfer.” DAI 57/04 (1996): 1814-A. (Doct. diss., University of Pennsylvania, 1996)
2000 ASTRONOMICAL, ATMOSPHERIC, GEODESIC SCIENCES Astronomy and astrophysics Biographical Palmeri, JoAnn. "An Astronomer beyond the Observatory: Harlow Shapley as Prophet of Science.” DAI 60/11 (2000): 4158-A. (Doct. diss., University of Oklahoma, 2000)
1983 PHYSICAL SCIENCES Chemistry Artifacts, instruments, substances Friedel, Robert. Pioneer Plastic: The Making and Selling of Celluloid. 154pp. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1983.
1985 HEALTH SCIENCES AND PRACTICES Child birth, rearing, and development   Scholten, Catherine M. Childbearing in American Society, 1650-1850. (American Social Experience Series). 143pp. New York: New York University Press, distributed by Columbia University Press, 1985.
1981 ENVIRONMENT AND Agriculture Environment and conservation New York Keller, Jane Eblen. Adirondack Wilderness: A Story of Man and Nature. 241pp. Syracuse, N.Y.: Syracuse University Press, 1980.
1982 SOCIAL AND COGNITIVE SCIENCES Psychology Archival guides Sokal, Michael M. and Patrice A. Rafail. A Guide to Manuscript Collections in the History of Psychology and Related Areas. 212pp. Millwood, N.Y. : Kraus International Publications, 1982.
1998 HUMANISTIC ASPECTS AND RELATIONS Religion and theology (relations to science)   Weldon, Stephen P. "The Humanist Enterprise from John Dewey to Carl Sagan: A Study of Science and Religion in American Culture.” DAI 58/09 (1998): 3694-A. (Doct. diss., University of Wisconsin, 1997)


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